Surf Camp for Beginners

Come surf with us! The beach of Yoff is ideal to learn to surf: it presents no danger as there are no rocks and very gentle rip currents. It is a very large beach, on the north coast of Dakar, which offers waves every day.

At school we have several surfboards and our instructors are ready to give you good advice so that you can progress very easily. Every day the surf camp offers beginners courses for who has never done it and for who has already tried surfing a few times.

Surf lessons are offered in Spanish, French, English and Italian.

Surf school for children from 5 years old is also available throughout the entire year.

Surf Camp for Intermediates and Experts

When you stay at Yoff’s surf camp, for intermediate courses Marta will bring you surfing rocky bottom waves like Secret or Ngor in easier days; or further on surf trip on the spot of Yene or Ndayane, 80km from Dakar.

And if you want a guide to surf the best waves of Dakar, know that Aziz will take you to the popular spots of Ouakam, Vivier and Club Med, which are easily accessible from the mainland with our 4×4. To surf Ngor Right the surf camp has a boat waiting for us during the surf session!

At the surf shop we have a wide range of fish, shortboards, malibù and longboard that you can use, just as you will be able to use yours.

Surf classes in Yoff beach

Surf guiding around the Dakar peninsula

Surf classes in Tubab Dialaw beach

Intermediate classes in Secret Spot

Available surf boards and wetsuits

At the MALIKA SURF SCHOOL you can ride any kind of board!

You can surf anything from a short 5’11 to a 9′ longboard, from a fish to a malibu, or from a foam board to a mini-malibu.

We also provide wetsuits and rash vests. All our wetsuit are from JANGA; both shorty 2/2 mm and 4/3 mm, for man, girls and kids.

You can rent for either half the day or for the whole day.

*If you are happy to have your own custom surfboard, we advice you to have a look at the instagram page of MCXN, the first surfboard shaper in the West Africa.

*And if your board has some dings because of the travel or during your stay, Pape Diouf will fixit so good that you wont be able to find the difference!