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Senegal is the spot to enjoy every moment of the day!

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Why surf & yoga?

With this package, you will enjoy daily yoga classes, tailored specifically for surfers, to help you get the most out of your surfing holiday.
Morning yoga classes will prepare your body and mind for the day of surfing ahead, while the evening yoga classes help to soothe the body and relax the mind.

Morning Vinyasa flow yoga classes are designed to prepare the body and mind for the day’s surf sessions. These dynamic Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga-inspired classes will warm-up the body with a focus on progressive sequences and “peak poses” that improve strength, flexibility and agility for surfing. Sunset Restorative yoga classes will focus on gentle flows, muscle recovery, stretching and relaxation to allow the body to unwind and revitalize after a day of surfing.

Yoga gives surfers an extra boost to get the most out of every surf session and builds strength, flexibility, endurance, breath awareness, focus and clarity of mind – all of which can help you thrive as a surfer! Through practicing yoga, you will stay agile, balanced, confident on your board and ready for any wave.

Why surf & beach-volley?

Do you know that surfers created the beach-volleyball game?
They did it while waiting for the right time to go surfing at Waikiki beach, Hawai!

Beach volleyball is a sport that involves fast and explosive movements as much as surfing does in order to catch waves and stand up on the surfboard.
Volleyball also develops key upper body muscles (especially the arms), improves skills due to the quick changes of direction, and improves overall flexibility.

On the sand as well as in the sea, you need to be able to react quickly with confidence and dynamic movements.

Beach volleyball and surfing are intense and physically demanding sports but they’re lot of fun too ! In the nature, surrounded by sand or sea, in beautiful sunny places.

This is the reason why we included this sport in our package… and you can use your boardshorts or bikini to play!

* if you will surf in other spots than Yoff beach, we will make sure that you’ll be back on time to attempt your yoga or beach volley session, don’t worry about it!